The Future of Health Systems Modeling

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Multimethod modeling

Plans for International Collaboration

based on Discussions in St Gallen and Saskatoon July and August 2012

Dynamic Modelling Workshop & Training Sydney 18-22 February 2013

  • Nate Osgood
  • Andrei Borshchev

Choice Modelling CenSoC Sydney Feb 2013

Biomedical Models and Data for Professionals and Patients

  • Anemia and EPO in Dialysis
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Aged and Long Term Care

Model Frameworks for Health Care

  • Services Orientation
  • Multiscale and multilevel
  • Hybrid
  • Software Engineered
  • Model in Loop Planning and Action
  • Support of the entire modeling process

Regional Health Care Model

Health Systems Science

Fig.1 - Health Systems Science & Engineering [Source]

The Philosophy of Systems Modeling


Learning Environments References

The Essence of AND?
Questions & Comments to Geoff McDonnell

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