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The following resources have been collected and developed over the years and you are invited to use them to any extent they may assist you in further developing your capacity for understanding relationships and their implications. Also, there are almost 800 images, like the ones used on this page, and in many of my Kumu models, available for download from These were developed by James Bryon Cameron. Also on 17.08.02 a new page format was launched and the pages that are in the new format can be found at Category:SystemsWiki and the current work in progress at Category:WiP.


Kumu web-based relationship modeling environment for developing network and systems thinking diagrams. Kumu Reference. SystemsWiki Projects & Presentations. Insight Maker free web based multi-user modeling & simulation environment supporting collaborative model development. Insight Maker Reference. SystemsWiki Models. Snagit is the screen capture software from TechSmith which we use for all image capture and video creation with video uplaod to YouTube.
Cloudinary is a tool for managing images and we use it to ensure the images we use in things don't change over time. Loopy is a tool for thinking in systems developed by Nicky Case. Loopy makes it very easy to quickly develop a set of relationships and get a sense of their implications. MentalModeler Modeling software, in Fuzzy-logic Cognitive Mapping (FCM), that helps individuals and communities capture their knowledge in a standardized format that can be used for scenario analysis.


Future Events Map of various systems thinking related events around the world. Send updates to Nick Ananin at The Systems Thinker, a repository of 800+ articles on various dimensions of Systems Thinking. These are primarily from Pegasus Communications over the past 20+ years. LinkedIn Articles/Posts A list of the articles and posts SystemsWiki has initiated on LinkedIn which are related to Systems Thinking, Insight Maker and Kumu.
YouTube Channel hosts videos for various dimensions of Systems Thinking World. Subscribe to the channel to receive new video notices. Health Care System Dynamics insights collected by Mark Heffernan and Geoff McDonnell over the past two decades are being documented. McDonnell Insights & Kumu Projects. BTN is currently building a set of interactive simulation learning models as apps which will run in your smartphone or tablet. And be sure to check out what they're planning for Splash!
Reference Library used to manage links, notes, documents in support of the efforts of Systems Thinking World. The Perspectives Project was an effort to build a relation model of relationship models. Like everything else, it was a work in progress that's now contributing to other things. {Background} Resources collection of blogs, forums, newsletters, organizations, and learning sites supporting the understanding of key systems thinking concepts.


Systems Thinking Network is a LinkedIn discussion groups of ~28,000 members discussing various topics from a systems thinking perspective. Systems Sciences is a Facebook group of ~2,000 members discussing various topics from a systems thinking perspective. The Ecology of Systems Thinking is a Facebook group of ~3,800 members discussing various topics from a systems thinking perspective.
Model.Report systems community aggregator where participants identify, comment on, upvote and downvote content. Design Thinking sis a LinkedIn discussion group focused on striking a balance between science and art.
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