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Discussion Group Systems Thinking World was established by and for those who believe a systemic perspective provides the best foundation for creating effective approaches for dealing with challenges and shaping a better tomorrow. Our purpose is to create content and foster interactions which further understanding of a systemic perspective and enables thinking and acting systemically. Please join us on LinkedIn.
Enabling a Better Tomorrow, an eLearning Map (eLMap) presenting an approach for solving problems so they stay solved and not create new problems in the process. Beyond Connecting the Dots resulted from a collaborative effort to create the first interactive Systems Thinking , Modeling and Simulation ebook. SysNet is the evolving replacement for SystemsWiki implemented in Kumu. We expect it will take several years to complete this migration.
Insight Maker, a free web based multi-user modeling & simulation environment supporting collaborative model development. User's Guide Model Report: Modeling & Simulation News, a systems community aggregator where participants identify, comment on, upvote and downvote content. YouTube Channel hosts videos for various dimensions of Systems Thinking World. Subscribe to the channel to receive new video notices.
Systems Thinking World Webinars on Systems Thinking, Modeling and Simulation and Virtual Systemic Inquiry are available for viewing. Health Care System Dynamics Insights collected by Mark Heffernan and Geoff McDonnell over the past two decades are being documented. Model Library is a collection of models of various forms which others can study as a basis for developing new insights.
Learning Resources to support development of one's understanding of key Systems Thinking concepts. linViewer enables LinkedIn discussion group member to peruse a discussion, filter, sort and export a discussion in multiple formats. Systems Thinking, a Twitter account posting systems thinking related links.
Reference Library used to manage links, notes, documents in support of the efforts of Systems Thinking World. Cloudinary is used for image and document storage for resources in support of Systems Thinking World. Systems Thinking World Journal, a journal of a community of over 19,000 individuals united by common an interest in Systems Thinking.

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