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Systems Thinking World was established by and for those who believe a systemic perspective provides the best foundation for creating effective approaches for dealing with challenges and shaping a better tomorrow. Our purpose is to create content, foster interactions and to apply systems thinking to further an understanding of a systemic perspective to enable thinking and acting systemically.


Systems Learning Community

Systems Kumu e-Learning Environment

Kumu Relationship Mapping Environment

We've found Kumu a marvelous utility for collaboratively understanding relationships. Signup / Explore

Insight Maker: Web Based Modeling & Simulation

Insight Maker is a free, multi-user, web based modeling and simulation environment that provides for both qualitative relationship modeling, stock & flow simulation and agent base simulation. Go to and sign up for a free user account. The following is an embedded sample model you can interact with.

Systems Endeavors

Systems Resources


Systems Thinking World
February 2015

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