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HSD Library - System Dynamics (General Section)


Introduction to Health System Dynamics

Annual Institute on Systems Science and Health (ISSH)

Health System Dynamics

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The Leading Edge October 2005 Issue 10 The NHS Confederation

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Overview of System Dynamics

US Dept of Energy Introduction to SD

The Counterintutive Behavior of Social Systems, by Jay W Forrester, MIT D-memo

System Dynamics Modelling: Tools for Learning in a Complex World John D Sterman California Mgt Review 2001 43(4) 8-25

Business Dynamics John D Sterman Irwin McGraw-Hill 2000, ISBN 0-07-231135-5

Systems Thinking ESD.10 3.1 MIT Course notes

System Dynamics in the Elevator

SD Megalist Gunter Ossimitz

The Beginning of System Dynamics Jay Forrester McKinsey Quarterly 1995 (1) 4-17

Policies Decisions and Information Sources for Modeling Jay W Forrester D-4226 MIT D-memo

Useful Links

Simulation Methods


  1. John D Sterman. Learning from Evidence in a Complex World Am J Public Health (2006) 96:(3);p 505-514
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