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The following are some participant reviews for Certified Systems Thinker learning program.


Education --> Practice: A Story of Success

What can one say about a course that sets itself up with a seemingly impossible goal then actually surpasses it? Superlatives seem simply inadequate.

The aim of this course - to present the absolute essential foundation necessary for developing a systemic perspective of a situation that one is trying to deal with - is not only achieved but more importantly along the way the course helps the student to recognize what they already knew but simply did not know that they knew.

Those that understand education know that the Latin roots of the word should be the key to its success. 'Educare' means to "draw out" not to faintly hope that "stuffing in" will be of use. Mr. Gene Bellinger

draws out what the student knows, and is almost certainly using in some form in their daily life, by being at the "sweet spot" between too basic and overly complex in his instructions and examples.

He then sets up exercises that call on the student to seek examples from their own life to explore the tools and methods proposed as being essential to being a system thinker. The concise and clear responses to all student inquires and comments also show just the right balance of "teach" vs "educate" (again, to draw out) to ensure that each student gets exactly what they need to move along the path towards being a systems thinker. In my case, Gene has certainly succeeded with his goal of making sure that I connected with what I already knew in enabling me to become more confident in my effectiveness in dealing with future situations be they problems or opportunities.

Due to my professional certification I am obligated to getting a minimum of 35 hours of continuing education every year and, while I have exceeded this several fold for the last 30 years, I can think of only a handful of courses that I have found as beneficial as this course. In my view not only is this course accessible to those at any level of experience in systems thinking but most critically it will improve the skills of anyone who works their way through it... a rare accomplishment in course ware indeed.

What indeed can I say to summarize my views of this course? Well perhaps these few words come closest:

Thank you Gene.
David Soul

Pleasantly Surprised

I have had formal training in Systems Science [Ashby, Ackoff, Klir, etc], but always on the look out for how better to describe and communicate the general concept of systems thinking to people I meet. So I decided to look into Gene's offering.

To be perfectly honest I had a bit of skepticism going in, wondering where Gene was going to take the course. I was pleasantly surprised that he found the "sweet spot" between too basic and overly complex. Even the interactive personal discussions he had with most people are exactly what is needed to make sure they get the increase/decrease issues understood. I am actually very impressed that he did not attempt to just try to didactic it out in a slide explanation, but made it more of a discoverable challenge for people.

This is a good course for a grounding in systems thinking. It is not a systems analyst course, not a systems scientists one, nor does it imply that it is the end of a journey of discovery. It is however an excellent guided tour of what to expect if one desires to delve deeper, while at the same time providing practical knowledge and skill development if you find it fully meets your needs.

I enjoyed the clear explanations and the exposure to Insight Maker, which I hadn't seen before. I have used iThink, VenSim, and Stella before but they are too much for most people. Insight Maker is a very good choice for this course and is yet another mark of an instructor that obviously knows his intended audience.

William "Ike" Eisnehauer

The Best Certification Course I Ever Participated In

This is the first (but certainly not the last!) course I took with Gene so I was not sure what to expect. Although I had read his extensive publications about systems theory, and knew he was an expert thought leader in his field, you are never sure if someone can effectively transfer their knowledge. In the case of Gene and this course, the answer is a resounding YES he can, and then some! Gene has a gift for taking complex concepts and making them accessible to those at any level of experience in systems thinking to comprehend. His ability, combined by his passion for being responsive and engaging with learners, shows that he cares about you and wants you to be successful. There is no dry theory here, folks. The content and exercises are extremely well thought out and executed – something you would, of course, expect from an expert systems thinker! I hold a Master of Education degree and have been involved in designing and delivering professional adult education & training for over 30 years and could not recommend this course more.

Jim Floyd

Great Instructors. Great videos. Great Feedback

This course helped me gain a better appreciation of systems thinking principles and the value of relationships. After reviewing the videos, I had a good understanding of what the instructor wanted to convey. What was most valuable was the feedback I received after submitted my assignment.

Anne-Marie Parent

Great Way to Learn or Review Systems Thinking

Gene Bellinger has a rare ability to present complex information so it is not only understood, it can be used right away. He does this in many venues and did it again in the Certified Systems Thinker Course. Developing models to represent causal relationships and other concepts can be daunting. The concise, easy to understand presentations were exactly what I needed to do my job better and to go further in my study and application of Systems Thinking and system approaches. This course is highly recommended, especially for those who are not sure if Systems Thinking is for them.

Steve Schneider, Ph.D.
Capella University

Highly Recommended

I intended to take this course as a refresher to my Systems Thinking knowledge. To my delight, it is more than just a refresher.

Gene can take the students to untangle the hard-to-comprehend definition of Systems Thinking to a simple and to-the-point definition.

Besides, the coverage the course can help get the core of the concepts right.

What I value most is the interaction with Gene. He is really responsive and can feed back with sharp and thoughtful advices. In particular, I appreciated his effort in interpreting the contents of the models that I submitted and gave really useful reminders to me.

Thank you Gene for the course.
Catus Cheung-Lun Lee

The Essence of AND?
Questions & Comments to Gene Bellinger

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